You can attest to the fact that Nigeria has been faced with poor power supply from time immemorial up until now. It has gone a long way to affect so many things especially productivity of entrepreneurs in the country. This so bad that people in some parts of the country couldn’t remember the last time they had electricity and have been subjected to making use of generators and inverters to ensure they keep life going and their devices powering. It is really critical that nobody needs to tell an average Nigerian, that they need a power bank to be able to communicate with their family, friends and business partners. This post of focused on listing the best power bank in Nigeria 2021

While you realize you need a superb mobile phone power backup, looking for the best power bank to purchase may be an issue. Particularly here in Nigeria, where the market has been overflowed with fake and sub-standard ones with misrepresented battery limits. To ensure I help you with this challenge, I have done a broad research on the 10 best power banks to purchase in Nigeria. These were chosen also by reviews given by their users.

These 10 top power banks are compatible with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and other android phones like HTC, Tecno, Infinix, Nokia and so on.  They can likewise charge MP3 and MP4 players and cameras among other USB empowered hardware. Some of them can even charge MacBook, laptop and iPad.

To ensure they are dependable and of great, I made my choices from notable brands with a demonstrated track of value items. This implies no overstated abilities like 30,000mAh or 50,000mAh that are simply trickeries. I at that point proceeded to get assessments of individuals that have used them to ensure they are what they are said to be. You understand?

Considering the above mentioned, i made a list of top 10 power banks you should consider buying in Nigeria in 2021.

1. Anker PowerCore 20100 Portable charger:

This item is very outstanding and the strongest power bank banks on the planet. The Anker PowerCore 20100 is a of Anker, an American USB power brand. With a super high battery limit of 20,100 mAh and a guarantee usage period of year and a half, this is the best power bank you can think of. You can’t go wrong purchasing this power bank particularly if you want to travel with it. 

It can charge an iPhone 6s seven (7) times, Galaxy S6 five (5) times and the iPad smaller than normal 4 twice (2). PowerCore 20100 is additionally viable with the new 12-inch MacBook 2018. The power bank is strong and very much made with multi strong framework to guarantee the security of you and your gadget when being used. PowerCore 20100 can charge two cell phones simultaneously using 2 USB ports.

It also charges faster, because of its PowerIQ and VoltageBoost innovation. This will enables it to charge your gadgets quicker. The other side anyway is, it has weight and may not conveniently be inserted in a pocket. This shouldn’t be an issue in the event that you are not anticipating placing it in your pocket. This Anker Powercore remains our best power bank in Nigeria

2. Anker PowerCore 13000 Portable Charger:


Anker PowerCore 13000 versatile power bank is a scaled back rendition of the PowerCore 20,100. Furthermore, I reveal to you this, I would actually suggest this one for anybody over the PowerCore 20100. You inquire as to why? Here are my reasons.

The PowerCore 13000 convenient charger has all the highlights of the PowerCore 20100 besides obviously; it has a lower battery limit.

This is certifiably not something bad. Seeing It’s battery limit as (13000 mAh) is likewise high. It can also charge an iPhone 6s five (5) times, a Galaxy S6 three (3) times and an iPad Air 2 once (1). You would agree with me that it can keep you going for quite a long time similarly as the PowerCore 20100.

Something else that makes me like this over the first is that it has less weight and it is less expensive

3. New Age 22,500 mAh Power Bank:


This is another good choice when one is searching for a quality power bank yet doesn’t have the cash to buy the PowerCore 20100. New Age is a well known brand in Nigeria which had been around since the age before cell phone. At that point, they are known for producing phone chargers and Universal battery chargers prominently known as work area chargers.

With the New Age 22,500 mAh power bank comes a battery limit of 22,500 mAh which simply like the Anker PowerCore 20100 can be used for charging of tablets, cell phones (Android, iPhone, and so forth), MP3 and so on this power bank is roughly made with a shatterproof material given it the tough feel you might want.

4. Romoss Solo 6 Plus 20000mAh Powerbank:

Romoss Sense 6 or more is one of the very good quality and best power banks made by Romoss. It has an enormous battery limit of 20,000mAh which is sufficient to get you going for day.

It has a pleasantly planned white body and has a LCD battery marker. This likewise has 2 USB ports to charge 2 gadgets at the same time.

5. New Age 15600mAh Power Bank:

This one comes from a well known mobile phone brand in Nigeria. The New Age 15600mAh power bank is made with a tough and solid material making it solid. It enormous battery limit of 15600mAh with it productivity pace of up to 85% is a hanging viral product holding back to be culled by anybody needing to get a high battery limit charger however if you don’t have good cash, go for the Anker PowerCore.  It has 2 USB ports and comes with a free USB drove light.

6. FIL Lithium Polymer 15000 mAh Power Bank:

FIL is a famous known brand known for its items in the portable adornments market. This brand is likewise into assembling of intensity bank and the FIL Lithium Polymer 15000 mAh Power Bank is one of the best quality items from this brand. It comes with 15000 mAh limit and 2 yield port allowing you to charge 2 cell phones at the same time.  This also comes with a LCD show and a drove light.

7. Oraimo 6000mAh Powerbank:


With over 200+ positive reviews on Jumia, the Oraimo 6000mAh is one of the compact charger to purchase on the off chance that you are on a low spending plan however need something that is tried and trusted by many. This item comes with 6000 mAh limit giving an iphone7 2-3 full charge.

It underpins for securing you and your gadget is incredible. It has uphold for hamper, cheat and over release just as over current insurance and temperature obstruction. It likewise comes with quick charging innovation. One of its yield port guarantee the quickest conceivable 2.1A charge. The other is a 1A ouput.

8. Chargepro 10000mAh Power Bank:


This power bank additionally has high review on Jumia and furthermore the responses are empowering. Its said to have a limit of 10000 mAh. Nonetheless, this appears to be not to be it relative limit as it just charges a telephone ones or twice relying upon it limit. For the most part, aside the big limit, the overall property of this charger is dope. It comes with Qualcomm 3.0 Quick Charge innovation which helps it charge your gadget quicker. This item is also very portable.

9. Anker PowerCore+ Premium Mini 3350mAh Portable Charger:


The PowerCore+ Mini is also a product of Anker. The Anker PowerCore+ Mini has a battery limit of 3350 mAh making it to help you to get a full charge. Having this one is much the same as having an additional battery in your convenient. It’s  selling point comes from its outrageous compactness and the simplicity at which you can carry it about. It is likewise one of the least expensive Anker power banks out there.

10. New Age 4,400mAh Y20 PowerBank:

This is the least expensive power bank in Nigeria on our rundown of best versatile battery pack to purchase in Nigeria. This power bank has a limit of 4,400 mAh. This could help you get to a full charge. Much the same as the Anker PowerCore+ Mini, this is much the same as an additional battery.

Taking everything into consideration, i have my own picks dependent on your budget. In the event that cash isn’t an issue and you need something to keep going for long, at that point go for the Anker PowerCore 20100. In the event that you need something lower as far as limit or cost, go for either the Anker PowerCore 13000 or the New Age 22,500 mAh Power Bank. For those intrigued by a little limit, versatile power bank in Nigeria, go for the Anker PowerCore+ Mini or the Oraimo 6000mAh.

Thanks for reading post “best power bank in Nigeria” we hope you found it quite interesting!